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The Liverton Technology Group encompasses Liverton, Vistagate and iDataRoam. We are your trusted specialist IT solutions, development and support partner. We have significant experience in solutions, which offer long-term strategic benefit to your organisation.

Go-it is the preferred Liverton partner in Australia to deliver its main product, the MailAdviser™.


Mail Adviser

MailAdviser™ is a companion to Microsoft Outlook, which will validate that emails are addressed to the correct recipient. With MailAdviser the likelihood of someone sending sensitive information to the wrong person is dramatically reduced. Each message is interrogated before it is sent, if the message matches pre-determined business policies, a window will appear asking the user to confirm before sending. Each recipient and their trust status are clearly identified and must be confirmed by the sender.

The Outlook ribbon indicator dynamically changes as new email addresses are added to the email.

Security classification tags can be added to the email via the 'Add Tag' button.

MailAdviser supports SEEMail. Each SEEMail recipient is identified as trusted. A SEEMail warning will also appear if the SEEMAIL tag is detected in the message (or attachment) and the email is addressed to a non-SEEMail recipient.


  • Dramatically reduced the possibility of sending to the wrong email address
  • Users know if recipients are SEEMail members, trusted address or public addresses (and if their email will be sent securely)

How it Works

There are three parts to the system:

  • MailAdviser™ Outlook Add-in - Deployed to each MS-Outlook client.
  • MailAdviser™ Service - Interaction and policy deployment.
  • MailAdviser™ Controller - Update and change configuration settings.
  • The MailAdviser™ Controller and Service can be deployed on any local Windows server.

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