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GSX Solutions is the leading provider of monitoring, reporting and management solutions for Lotus/Domino, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Sametime, Quickr, Traveler, BES and URLs.

GSX provides agent-less solutions and an unparalleled level of technical support to all of its clients, from a local manufacturer to a global financial institution with over 300,000 employees around the world. With GSX you can now truly monitor your messaging servers, whether they are based on Lotus Notes Microsoft Exchange or BlackBerry Enterprise Servers. Designed specifically for email administrators and IT managers, our family of software solutions lets you monitor your messaging, collaboration and mobile environments from a single user interface. We have over 15 years of experience developing solutions for email administrators.

Migrating, consolidating and restructuring a messaging environment can pose some risks if certain aspects of the environment are not under control.

During a migration, your customer could have great control on their current platform but zero expertise on the new one. Your goal is to help the customer reduce impacts on their users, while making sure the migration will require as few resources as possible. GSX can help during these migration steps to keep the current and new platforms under control, every step of the way. We provide you with overviews for Microsoft and IBM technologies, all in the same dashboard.

Audit and Review
There are various types of audit and review services for Exchange. These services can either be very specific, for example when a customer needs a lot of troubleshooting, or standardised.

Collaboration systems are increasingly becoming mission-critical, with projects being coordinated from collaborative workspaces, real-time interaction being facilitated through presence-based instant messaging systems and online meeting services providing an effective and efficient fabric for bringing people together without travel.



GSX Monitor

GSX Monitor is an agentless powerful monitoring solution that enables administrators to proactively and efficiently manage and maintain their entire collaboration environment from a single User Interface.
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GSX Analyzer

GSX Analyzer is a powerful executive dashboard that works in conjunction with GSX Monitor to give managers throughout the enterprise the information they need at the time they need it.
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GSX Server Guard

Server Guard enables unattended crash recovery and automated server maintenance procedures for Domino server and windows based servers, thus ensuring that your servers run with maximum available resources.
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GSX Monitor & AnalyZer

Monitor, Report and Alert on the service delivery and performance of the components that really matter while staying two steps ahead of your end users issues. GSX Monitor & Analyzer is an agentless solution with out-of-the box monitoring and reporting capabilities. It assures around-the-clock availability and performance for Exchange On-premise and in the Cloud. It enables the administration team to be in several places at the same time, every day.
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