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Critical Considerations when Moving from Lotus Notes to Office 365

Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Transferring your files to the cloud requires a great deal of planning and the right tools for the job. We pinpointed here some key considerations to ensure efficiency on the process of migrating from Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365. In any case, if the migration does not go as you had planned, this might lead to a downtime and a loss of organisation’s resources and time. You would have to deal with the costs that are associated with data loss and the lost man-hours by the IT profess ..

The Importance of Service Level Agreements when migrating to the cloud

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Migration is always a big concern for IT departments, and even more so when it concerns upgrading your existing on-premises environment to the cloud. In order to keep productivity high, you need to make migrations entirely transparent from an end-user experience perspective. Technical key drivers for moving to the cloud include: Lowering TCO and capital expenditure Optimising storage based upon need Increasing scalability and flexibility  ..

The main myths when moving applications to the Cloud

Monday, August 18, 2014
Have you been working in IT anytime during the last five years? If that is the case, you most likely have considered moving your IT applications to the cloud—if you haven't already migrated part or all of your infrastructure. Whether it's pressure from the C-level to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), the increasing complexity of managing virtualised environments or demand from end users to be able to access applications and data from any device they choose and from wherever th ..

Mobility with Microsoft 365: Keeping the best talent in-house

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Charles enters the office one day with a nervous look on his face. He has spent the past several years working his way up in your company and is considered one of its most valuable employees. He looks downtrodden when he tells his boss that his wife and he have decided to move several states away because she has been offered her dream job and, with his growing family, they can't afford not to accept the position. The thought of all those years of hard dedication being lost is difficult for h ..

Monitoring for success: Microsoft Office 365 deployment

Friday, August 08, 2014
With annual revenue run rate of $2.5 billion, Microsoft Office 365 has been purchased in the last 12 months by 60% of all of the Fortune 500 companies. Those latter Microsoft 365 metrics were released at the most recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). As a result, over three out of four customers of Microsoft Office 365 are deployed by partners. The need for cloud monitoring has been greatly emphasised in order to guarantee the appropriate deployment of Microsoft O ..