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Moving the burden of performing migrations from the customer to the vendor

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Posted by Vadim Gringolts, CTO, BinaryTree

Did you ever wonder why vendors still offer a traditional model for delivery of migration solutions? This question is especially relevant when an organisation makes the decision to migrate to Microsoft Exchange or to the cloud. With cloud solutions, you typically get the software, remote delivery and no maintenance worries—basically this type of “non-ownership” delivers all of the convenience without any responsibility.


Cloud offerings are typically priced on a “fee per-user” basis; however, most migration companies still use an enterprise license model, adding services (installation and support) on a time and materials basis—whether they deliver the migration solution themselves or use integrators or partners. This not only gets expensive, but all these additional components mean the total cost is unpredictable. With this model, how can you possibly give your CIO a total migration budget with confidence?


At Binary Tree, we’ve developed an entirely new approach we call CHANGE UP—short for exCHANGE UPgrade. CHANGE UP delivers the full spectrum of our transition functionality, while completely removing the burden from the client. With CHANGE UP, clients get it all—interoperability, analysis and rationalization, user transition, content migration—regardless of type of enterprise or platform.


When a company makes the decision to migrate, but does not want to burden its internal staff to perform any aspect of the transition, CHANGE UP means the migration solution is delivered quickly and remotely, so it dramatically reduces the need for IT involvement, and reduces the time and complexity of migration for clients. As we like to say, “Leave the migration to us.” So now, instead of bowing to the old software plus services pricing model, you can have a predictably-priced “fee per-mailbox” transition solution which, after all, is what enterprises really care about.


Is the CHANGE UP model for everyone? No. CHANGE UP is designed for organizations that want to make a quick transition—with velocity. Depending on the total number of mailboxes, we like to migrate at least 1,000 users per week—but can easily go as high as 5,000 or 10,000 weekly. As long as the client can meet the velocity requirements in terms of back-end support during and after the transition, the CHANGE UP approach is ideal.


Because it includes Binary Tree’s E2E Complete software plus our proven 4-step transition process—interoperability, analysis and rationalization, user transition, and content migration—all delivered remotely, there is no need for additional services or costs. It’s a completely predictable, holistic model that applies equally to cloud and on-premises migrations.


Bottom Line: Binary Tree has redefined migrations to Microsoft Exchange with CHANGE UP, which:


  • Uses a totally predictable pricing model
  • Delivers full-service functionality
  • Reduces time and complexity for clients
  • Removes the burden of migration from the customer to the vendor