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Monitoring for success: Microsoft Office 365 deployment

Friday, August 08, 2014

With annual revenue run rate of $2.5 billion, Microsoft Office 365 has been purchased in the last 12 months by 60% of all of the Fortune 500 companies. Those latter Microsoft 365 metrics were released at the most recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). As a result, over three out of four customers of Microsoft Office 365 are deployed by partners. 

The need for cloud monitoring has been greatly emphasised in order to guarantee the appropriate deployment of Microsoft Office 365. Even though moving to the cloud offers clear inherent benefits, several problems experienced by users can leave IT teams helpless and blind. Instead of simply waiting for the next outage, you should focus on what can be proactively done to reduce the impact of problems or proactively solve them. 

When you leverage the cloud, you can effectively utilize your IT department as a strategic services broker. By doing so, you will ultimately reduce the bottom line for your entire company. As more and more businesses begin to focus on the reality of cloud solutions maximising their IT budgets, it becomes blazingly clear organisations must be prepared for the unexpected to minimise the following aftermath. 

Today, it's becoming more and more efficient and cost effective for organisations to migrate their applications to the cloud. The most effective way to facilitate this transition is with tools that provides clear visibility across hybrid, on-premises, and cloud environments. One of our business partner, GSX Solutions, offer services such as GSX Monitor Analyzer, which repeatedly tests the cloud environment from either a user or an administrator's perspective. 

As a user, GSX conducts complex tests, which:

  • Performs tasks in the environment to simulate the user's usage, such as sending emails, scheduling events on the calendar, and opening mailboxes.
  • Similar to how an executive would use the cloud, it checks the performance and availability of executive mailboxes
  • Effectively uses alert profiles to measure and alert on the performance and availability of the cloud. 
  • Provides alerts when the end-user's performance decreases to an unacceptable level. 

As an administrator, GSX Monitor systematically:

  • Understands the environment it is expected to manage
  • Presents real-time status updates, graphs, and statistics
  • Examines multiple critical aspects of the environment
  • Recognises decreases of performance, potential issues, and provides troubleshooting measures in real time
  • Without spamming, it warns of both potential and critical issue

With the GSX User Robot, companies are provided an a preview of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud ecosystem they can expect. More importantly, GSX provides a preemptive way for businesses to solve any issue before moving to Microsoft Office 365 cloud. In other words, it effectively checks the results of migrating before the actual migration takes place. For example, as an administrator, you can test how users in other countries would fare under the hybrid or cloud Exchange setup. 

The GSX Monitor effectively alerts IT administrators of any performance issues with Microsoft Office 365 before any major service disruptions happen. When it is coupled with the GSX Analyzer, the root issue causing the disruption of performance can be diagnosed and proactively remediated before business or any other business lines were impacted.  

Go-IT represents GSX in Australia and we work in partnership to provide clients with the best solution currently in the market, in accordance with their specific needs.  

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