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Mobility with Microsoft 365: Keeping the best talent in-house

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Charles enters the office one day with a nervous look on his face. He has spent the past several years working his way up in your company and is considered one of its most valuable employees. He looks downtrodden when he tells his boss that his wife and he have decided to move several states away because she has been offered her dream job and, with his growing family, they can't afford not to accept the position. The thought of all those years of hard dedication being lost is difficult for him. What's more, his boss is devastated to see one of the company's most valued employees leave.

You now that the difference between success and failure comes down to how many of your best employees you can retain. You have been considering switching the company over to Microsoft Office 365 for some time now as you want to provide more flexibility to your employees, but have not determined completely if it is worth the change.

This is your opportunity to try it out. By setting up Microsoft Office 365, Charles will be able to have access to all the information he would have by being inside the office. Making all the same information available to him, he can work his regular job from his new location without the need to change anything. His supervisor will be able to keep him informed in real time of any changes and he will be available regardless of the different time zone. Both Charles and his boss are excited to try this system out. Weeks later, it is as though Charles never relocated.  His productivity remains the same, and often even better. Everyone is happy with the new arrangement.

Opening up the World 

Today's society makes it possible for a company to have offices not only across the country, but also on an international level. Different time zones, the need to wait for updates from one location to another and the inability to guarantee retaining top employees during relocations all add up to frustration and loss of productivity.

By utilizing the versatility of Microsoft Office 365, every location, no matter how many miles away can have the most updated information in real time. Changes made in one office won't have to stop production while they are passed onto other offices. The time spent waiting can add up to hours of more productive time each week, allowing the company to expand quicker. 

This would also enable the company to hire and retain the top workers in the field. There would be no need to choose from only a local pool of applicants. Microsoft Office 365 literally opens up the world to your company.

Microsoft 365 – quick sneak peak on the system

You've heard about Microsoft Office 365 but are still unsure if your business actually needs it. After all, everyone seems accustomed to the version of Office they are using and simply thinking about re-training all your staff gives you a headache. Granted, the flexibility you have heard it offers sounds enticing but you need to know more. Consider the following details before you make that final decision.

No training necessary

Microsoft Office 365 has added features that seamlessly blend in with the familiar applications your workers already know and love. There is no need to retrain those who are already familiar with Office and all it offers. 

Always available

Your workers don't only work at the office. They need something that is available on a variety of devices and available whenever it is necessary. Microsoft 365 can be used on all devices, and files are updated regularly; your workers can move from one device to another without having to wait for the files to update. This helps maintain the flow of thought and increase productivity. Also, being both online and on desktop, files are available regardless 24/7, allowing for work across time zones. This makes it excellent for companies with international ties.

Safe and dependable

Some people have expressed concerns over the safety of their files in the Cloud, but this is an unwarranted fear with Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft has made a point of using the best safety precautions available and guarantees your files are safe and secure. What's more, they guarantee a 99.9 percent uptime for the Cloud, making it unnecessary to wait hours for a site that is always going down.

Not one-size-fits-all

Not every business is the same in either needs or size. Microsoft took this into account when creating this system and offers subscription plans that vary, depending on size of business. There are plans for small companies of 25 or fewer employees, mid-size companies of up to 300 users and Enterprise category for businesses requiring more than 300 users. The Enterprise version offers unlimited licenses. Microsoft also offers bulk discounts for those who purchase over 250 licenses. Subscriptions can be paid for on either a monthly or annual basis, making your accounting easier.

Would like to know more? Request a free assessment with one of our specialists. We can assist you in planning and deploying your migration according to you company needs.